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Dreading the Tedium of Cutting

In my Block-of-the-month group, this month we are cutting what seems to be about a million blocks of various sizes….the other night I spent two hours cutting 100 3 and an eighth inch blocks, and the next night I still had to cut 20 more. Then I needed 15 6 and a half-inch  square, which were then cut into quarter square triangles. Then onto the next color: 20 more 3 and an eighth inch squares, 6 more 6 and a half-inch squares, also cut into quarter square triangles….

BORING. Tedious.

And so I stopped. I do not like this part at all. I still have three more colors to go…(we are making the “Rainbow Pieced Lattice” for the quilt, so this is way more than one block).

And now I am avoiding my sewing area. Just avoiding. I do not enjoy this at all….

So, here is my question: Has anyone ever used an Accuquilt Cutter for such situations? I am seriously thinking of buying one.

Or the smaller and less expensive version, the Go! Baby?

From the little I have read, I think that neither of these would solve my problem….I don’t think they have all the dies that my quilt requires. It seems as if you buy the cutter, buy the dies, and then make a quilt based on the shapes and dies you have available.  And you still have to cut the squares into quarter square triangles.

Please! I would love comments….

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4 thoughts on “Dreading the Tedium of Cutting

  1. I don’t mind cutting so I can’t help, except perhaps it is because it is not necessarily a design you would have chosen yourself. I have one quilt, which I took for a class, and it is called the ugly quilt. I don’t think I enjoyed much about making it other than what I learned from it.

    • Hmmmm…you have a point. This is not a design I chose, and I find that doing a block a month is too fragmented. By the time the Saturday comes around, I don’t remember which block I am supposed to bring. And I don’t remember being this bored with other quilts I have made. with designs I have chosen.
      I hope I can try an Accuquilt cutter at a quilt fair or show. I am surprised they haven’t been at Lowell in the last three years!

  2. I feel your pain, but to me the Accuquilt feels like cheating. It also feels like another plastic device that costs quite a bit, that I may or may not want to use for very long. I realise it’s all a continuum – jelly rolls are also a step away from the traditional heart of quilting and I enjoy working with them. I also use a rotary cutter – gasp! Personally I would only consider using kits or an Accuquilt if I had a physical challenge that made them the only way I could keep quilting. That’s just how I see it.

    My solution to boring cutting is to divide the task over a longer period and sometimes to do it on the living room floor with the TV on in the background.

    Jan makes a good point, too. If you’re making your own design and sewing and cutting as you go, the cutting task isn’t such a big deal anymore. Maybe that’s why I don’t follow other people’s patterns very often.

    • Yeah, I kinda feel that way also…and if you buy the Accuquilt (the big one), you still have to buy new dies….and then I guess you would be limited to the particular shapes the machine can cut. Also, I really do not have space for one! And for the pattern I am following now, I have no idea if the Accuquilt can cut all those shapes….

      But thanks for the comments! Now I have new blogs I can read!

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