Sewing My Life Together

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch- Changes!


Oh, the days go by so fast….this past week, I started work again, volunteered for the Back-to-School Bash on Wednesday, visited two families who might want me to consult with them, and went to the Vineyard to visit old friends for the day. Today, I was exhausted…slept late, did some shopping, and finally a little sewing. My energy level even for sewing was really, really low…in the next few weeks, I will be working, consulting, finding my way to the gym, and revising an article I am writing…so I expect my sewing to be on the back burner.

But it is what keeps me together….trying new things, trying really hard to stick to my 1/4 inch seams (I am so inconsistent with these! I think I am too impatient to measure).

So tonight I turned on my sewing machine, turned on my Bendy Light and poof! The light bulb blew out. I then proceeded to try to open the case to remove the bulb, so I could buy the bulb at a hardware store tomorrow, and low and behold….there is no way to open the case.


This is the case for the Bendy LIght, a feature I really need to see what I am sewing, and there is no way to open it to replace the bulb. I called them today but they are only open Monday-Friday, and the kit does not come with a spare bulb. Does this mean I have to wait until Tuesday to buy a whole new kit? or to find out if I can actually replace the bulb? Tomorrow is Sunday and Monday is Labor Day…so disappointed! Is this their marketing ploy? That when the bulb burns out you have to buy the entire new kit? That just makes me angry. Does anyone have any experience with this?

But, I spent a couple of hours calmly cutting (which I loathe) and piecing (which I enjoy) while watching “Mad Men” on Netflix…..

Here are the pieces cut out:

Imageand they turned into this, which makes me feel very satisfied…

ImageSmall moments of joy, this represents….the joy of turning a few scraps into a thing of beauty…and in a few hours!

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