Sewing My Life Together

Sometimes I Drown in Too Many Ideas

Sometimes I think that I think too much. Or at least, surf the web too much. Or read too much. Or collect sewing/reading/Springsteen/autism-related ‘stuff’ too much. (My other blog,, covers my thoughts and reading about all things autism).

So, as I sit here, admittedly a newbie as a crafter/seamstress/quilter, and I find myself totally submerged in other people’s ideas. And simultaneously not working on my own stuff. It is easy to do on the web …there are just so many blogs and ideas!  It doesn’t help that in my life  I have a career, writing, professional reading, consulting, plus little things like trying to reduce clutter and feed the cats… well as the need to take  courses to earn Professional Development Points for my teaching/administrative licenses this year…as well as one more courses to move from Advanced Level Floortime Provider to Expert…

So here are some of the blogs that I refer to a couple of times a week. dyeing indigo cloth; two-sided postcard quilts and wool felt ideas.

This woman’s work is absolutely gorgeous: embroidery, white on white, lace

And still more beauty here! Free-form quilting (not blocks, not patterns): Dyeing with tea, and making Folding books.


Wow! So much, so much to think about…and I have two more days before work starts again on Monday…so, do I use these days to do more sewing indoors or take advantage of the beautiful summer weather? Today is already decided: Neal and I are going to see the World Series of Cliff Diving at the Institute of Contemporary Art with a couple of friends this afternoon. It is a fascinating athletic event (see for more information) so today we are taking advantage of the wonderful summer weather,  choosing to sit outside on Boston Harbor to see this event.


Tomorrow, however, is an undecided day.


Just some thoughts….




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