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Repurposing and Printing on Fabric

I think I mentioned that last year I took a fabulous 5-night course on printing on fabric. I’ve explored this technique a little, tentatively, because I, as yet, do not see myself as an artist. So I printed on fabric for my cards primarily and some framed pieces (which did not sell at the gallery, by the way). But I have two open bookcases in my playroom at school and I want to have some control over who gets to take the toys out (which I want to be me, and not the kids). So I bought a bunch of plain white curtains at a yard sale, washed and ironed them, and then they sat on my fabric shelf. Waiting.

So, yesterday,  after a nice afternoon at the beach with my friend Marci, I came home and took two out. I see up my ironing board with a mat (to absorb extra ink) and got out my blue fabric paint and my favorite stamp

and proceeded to make two plain white curtains into more colorful curtains…..

And I am completely happy with the way they turned out. Pretty, impish, alternating “waves” of blue.

I hope they do the trick of hiding the toys on the shelves!

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2 thoughts on “Repurposing and Printing on Fabric

  1. I would love to find a fabric printing or dying class. Sounds as if the class would have been fascinating.

    • Jan,

      I am taking it again at the Arlington Center for the Arts this fall. I loved the first one, but I did not practice the techniques enough…so this year (it’s 4 weeks) I am going to do ‘homework’ each weekend. Look up Arlington center for the Arts fall courses…I think it is called “Seductive Surfaces”. The teacher is a fabric artist whose work I love: Linda Branch Dunn. She has a blog.

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