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Block of the Month: Good News

I have been participating in a Block of the Month through my local quilt shop, and finally on Saturday I got good news! The instructors were pleased with my recent two blocks, and I must admit I felt pretty good about them also. My triangles were good, my squares were all the same size, and they looked pretty good.

Two blocks for August, 2012


I agreed to do this Block of the Month to improve my skills; I could simply have bought another pattern and tried it myself, but this way  I bring my block into the shop and get feedback. And low and behold….the process is working! I admit that bringing in my blocks makes me nervous, since I know I have little to no natural talent for this, just a love of the process of piecing things together. And so it made me feel that I was on the right track in learning to quilt.


And for August I also successfully made this Lamoyne Star (At least that’s what I think it is called). believe me, all of these projects took me quite a while. I still do not have the hang of how to visualize how to piece together so that my triangles go in the direction they are supposed to, so I use my seam ripper quite a bit. However,  I do love the long hours sitting and sewing. Of course, I also always have a television show on in the background, or NPR, so that slows me down a bit, but mostly it’s my mistakes.





And so the day ends. I am off to bed. I worry that this is too much alone time, that I ‘should’ be watching TV with my husband or doing something with my daughter (who never seems to want to do anything with me, though!) but neither one has complained. And I do go downstairs to visit when I hear them come into the house….what do you think?














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One thought on “Block of the Month: Good News

  1. Faye Gurry on said:

    Lovely, see knew you could do it.

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