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Something Mundane This Way Comes

Yesterday and today I spent struggling to sew a vinyl bag as a gift. I had never sewn on vinyl before, and it was tricky. The fabric became stuck under my pressure foot, until I googled “how to sew Vinyl”. I discovered that it is easier if you put tissue paper on top of the vinyl, so that is what I did.

It’s not art, but it was a heck of a craft. One of my daughter’s friends is turning 21, and my daughter will hand-sew beads and decorations on the bag as her part. The birthday is Thursday so we have a bit of time.







The colors are gorgeous but I am not sure I would do this again. (OK, so maybe I will make a couple more). They are fun to use, if not sew!







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One thought on “Something Mundane This Way Comes

  1. Faye Gurry on said:

    way to go susan, you’re brave sewing vinyl.

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