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Quilt Festival Inspiration

Yesterday, I took myself to the Lowell Quilt Festival with some trepidation. In the past, I have come away from this exhibit really, really overwhelmed, and not inspired. The quilts on exhibit are truly works of art, and I am so far removed from making works of art! I introduce myself to the tradesmen and women selling fabrics, patterns, and other items as a beginner, which I truly am. I struggle to make my triangles the right size, struggle to make the points ‘pointy’, and rip out as many seams as I sew. I do not aspire to make quilts such as this one, as much as I love the artistry of it:

Absolutely Stunning.

And I am not even sure I am a quilter….I have made several large quilts, for myself and my children, from patterns, and as much as I love piecing, I do not like handling a queen-size top, batting and quilt back. I can never seem to smooth my top so it quilts without pinching, and mostly I hand quilt. I have never tried to machine quilt a large one; I really do not have the machine for that.

I was fascinated by a machine that does machine embroidery…it was beautiful! I stared at it for a long time, wishing I could afford one. But it is not to be had yet.

So, on yesterday’s journey, I decided to focus on quilts which inspire me, which I think I could tackle, and whose ideas seemed to me to be clever and actually doable.  So here are a few that ‘spoke’ to me. I like the craftsmanship, the colors, the designs, and the ideas. These are all inspiring to me.

I also went to a talk given by a fiber artist named Sheila Ray….she was funny and talented. She makes art quilt and I think the name of her company is “Stitches From the Soul”.  Each piece of work she makes has personal meaning to her and are based on experiences in her life. She was incredibly generous about allowing us to take photos. I particularly liked these two:

Finally, I  took a side trip to the ALL Arts Gallery in Lowell, and found this beauty by Linda Branch Dunn:

So my day has been spent printing out photos, making a list of possible projects, sorting through fabric I have and ideas I have, for the immediate future.

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4 thoughts on “Quilt Festival Inspiration

  1. Faye Gurry on said:

    Susan you are so like me, I am hopeless with ideas, colours, fabric and of course getting it all together. But I like it just the same, maybe one day I will have time to join a class and learn all the techniques etc.

  2. Wasn’t that pink quilt FABULOUS in person? To quilt that by hand would take me the rest of my life! (She said it “only took a year”!)

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