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Taking a Little Break

Last night, I had planned on cutting out the pieces for my blocks…but instead, life took a little turn. I had worked, biked, showered, eaten dinner, finished a laundry, then realized….I was tired! Feeling a little low-key, not really energetic or wanting to move much. Most often I do not notice this feeling, as I am usually tempted to keep going, to follow my list of things to do. to get caught up in a project…but last night, and now this morning, I am following what my brain and body seem to want to do.

But since I don’t like watching TV without a project in my hands,  or lying on the couch, I decided to stay on the computer. I had some work notes to write, so I did those, surfed the web a little, checked my bank account, and this morning I did the same, knowing I am working 12-4 today. So I am simply playing it by ear, not planning, not doing, not thinking too much….and here are some random thoughts.

Since I am slow quilter/crafter/maker of things,  I often do not have completed work to post. So here are a couple of items I have created in the past and want to share. Last night as I went to bed I started thinking about putting my past work into a slide show on this blog, and then fell asleep without really pursuing it. But, for the moment, here are a few things:

A friend asked me if I had any cat cards….I didn’t, so I made a few. Here’s one.

And here is another:

This is a slightly different version. Remember, I never make the same card twice.

I made these before I started painting on fabric and painting the frames of the cards. This is a fabric I particularly like with the red paint added:

Red fabric paint on white/black fabric.

I made a few cards with this fabric and still have more in my stash.

And today  I found the registration for a course I took a year ago but want to take again…..I did not yet register for it, but I will:

Oops, the computer will not let me upload the course description. But the course name is Seductive Surfaces, at the Arlington Center for the Arts in Arlington, MA. and it begins on September 27. After I took it, I began to paint on fabric and incorporate these designs into my cards. However, I feel I have lost momentum and forget some of what I was taught, so I want to so it again. I am not sure where this technique is going for me, but I guess that is all part of the process, yes? All I know is that I prefer doing this to making triangles and trying to piece them together.

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One thought on “Taking a Little Break

  1. shirley on said:

    Love the kitty cards 🙂 My sister and older son are both cat lovers. The art course sounds so interesting! We have a credit at the local art museum school which needs to be used this Fall. I’m thinking about taking a course…

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