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Baby Quilt Is Done and Angst Is Gone



Well, I finished it. I still see all my errors and bad stitches, and of course I have not taken out the basting pins yet, but this is what it looks like. I am pleased with it.



Notice the yellow and green binding? I could not decide which one I liked better so I used both…

This is for a boy baby, due in September.  I promise to remove the basting clips before I wrap it. As I  look at this, I realize once again that although I love the product, I love the process as well….matching the colors together, hand-quilting, hand-sewing the binding on.

I could not find a blue backing of fleece that I liked so I chose this pattered green. I like the way it mimics the blue pattern.


And I also feel the joy I have in making it and the anticipation of giving it to the new mom. I am excited.


And so I have been taking a little time today to consider my next project. Two more women I work with are having babies, (and one is having twins!) but I am a little bored with baby quilts. Maybe some onesies? Pajamas? Hand towels? Any suggestions? My kids are so old that I barely remember the gifts they were given, although I admit the baby quilts are still etched in my memory.


And I do have those four blocks to make for the block of the month club. But in a week and a half my bike ride will be over, summer school will be out, and you know I basically never clean unless things are crawling over the floor so I will have time (except for when the sun is out and it is shining and I am gardening, running, walking, biking, swimming…..)….so hope for some rainy days!


Off to search the internet for ideas for quick projects….








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One thought on “Baby Quilt Is Done and Angst Is Gone

  1. shirley on said:

    I love it! That is great how the green pattern mimics the blue. One of my favorite baby gifts was a set of onesies that a friend embroidered Aki’s name and a sweet picture on.

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