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It’s All (Mostly) Good


Several things changed my thinking today….the comments on my previous post, plus a trip to my local quilt store. I am in the process of doing a block-a-month at this quilt shop, and the instructors there know my struggles with accurate seam lines, getting points on triangle correct, and they are very helpful. So  I went to my block-of-the-month group and was pleasantly surprised when I noticed (as did the instructor) that I am, indeed, getting better.


And I  decided that since I love making the cards, and each one of them is a little bit of a piece of art, that making them is enough. They are, at the moment, my art. And art is a process, and not a product….and as I am improving in my traditional quilting skills, plus creating new cards and designs, thinking about doing new things and trying new things….well, the future looks good!



And there are three blocks-of-the-month for August! What a treat and a challenge!






So I have put yesterday’s discouragement into perspective and am reminded that I am still a beginner here and don’t know where it will end.



But the process is the journey, not the product.


So I am once again, if not perfectly happy, content with my journey. Thanks to my readers for their comments.








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One thought on “It’s All (Mostly) Good

  1. shirley on said:

    Very glad to hear it 🙂

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