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Miscellaneous items…..

Well, I have been rotating between my sewing, writing, biking, and just being these last few weeks. On July 3, I rode 38 miles in preparation for my 47 mile Pan-Mass Challenge on Aug. 5.  Long bike riding is a little like crafting, I think. For the first few miles, my mind tells me all the things I do not want to hear: “I can’t do this; I am too tired. I am not in good enough shape. I’m bored. I am really bored. I am so bored I’ll have to quit”. Then, after about 7 miles, I get into the “zone”, in which I am simply bicycling, feeling the wind, watching the scenery,  calculating how much effort I will have to put into the next hill, when to take my next break, stitching the miles together.

It works. And I love the way I feel after accomplishing a ride.

And in the writing….I don’t think about writing when I am not doing it, not the way I think about sewing. But my topic is important to me, and I carefully read each sentence, trying to weave together the ideas, the research, into something comprehensible, and hopefully, ready for publication.  But I am not fluid at it, this writing, and I am afraid it take me many more months of revising and checking.

And sewing. I have just finished four letter pillows, to be given as wedding gifts to two couples, friends of my daughter EC’s, who have recently gotten married. EC attended their weddings, but given her income, she was not able to afford a wedding gift. 

These are easy to put together and I can almost do it in my sleep, but I have to be careful to match the seams and the colors. I machine sew the pieces together, then hand-quilt the top, using a stitch-in-the-ditch. Then I machine sew the front and backs, and put the pillow shape in, and hand-sew the final seam. While doing this, I can follow along with my new favorite TV show online, “Breaking Bad”.

And I can work in relative chaos,and most often I do…I do not like to take the time to pick up and clean up.  But the other day the mess got to me and I just had to take the time to clean it up.

These photos I labeled “Mess” on the left and “More Mess” on the right. And yes, it is true, I was sewing around these piles of mess.

And so I called these photos (very creative, I know) “Neat” on the left and “Neat1” on the right.

It looks good, but it is still hard to keep them this neat.  I know I really need to build somethings to hold my stuff better, but I can’t even being to plan this. Could someone have any idea who to do this get in touch with me?

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One thought on “Miscellaneous….

  1. shirley on said:

    The pillows are so sweet!

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