Sewing My Life Together

Satisfying Days

Yesterday, June 21, I biked 22 miles in the morning, starting out slowly and drinking Gatorade to keep the electrolytes up since it was 90 degrees out there….Then in the afternoon I happily sat in my air-conditioned room piecing together two pillows….



These were easy, (well, relatively so) and did not require much decision-making or creativity. Their sheer simplicity provided a very satisfying afternoon, including hand-quilting them myself. I will tell a secret here…..When I sew, I like to have a television show streaming on my computer….occasionally I pause to watch it, but mostly I listen. Recently I watched this past year’s season of “Revenge’, which I enjoyed a lot. I know this slows down my sewing, but it sure makes it more interesting!


Today I had an outdoor lunch with a friend at Charlie’s Beer Garden in Harvard Square, then came home to sew once again. This time I pulled out red and black fabrics that I had printed and painted on, and designed two new cards….because these pieces of fabric are so small, it took a long time to make each one…..


Tonight I hope to sew three more for the Gallery tomorrow….I really, really like making these cards. I love the ‘matching’ of fabrics and paints, shaping them, pairing them, using matching as well as contrast to put them together. I think of these as “mini-art” pieces. No two are the same, and I design and create each one one at a time.


So I am trying to keep a balance between being outdoors and just enjoying the summer weather and also getting some indoor sewing done. 

These were satisfying days.













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One thought on “Satisfying Days

  1. shirley on said:

    Sounds great! I’ve heard Revenge is fun to watch 🙂

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