Sewing My Life Together

My Schizophrenic Life

OK, it’s June 20 and I haven’t blogged in a month. Here’s what happens…toward the end of the school year my energy begins to flag, and I find myself almost unable to think for about a month. I’ve done some desultory sewing, culminating in hand-sewing two baby quilts, one of which was given to Jessica on June 3 and the second of which will be packed up and mailed to NYC this week (I hope). Then, I will start on the third one for a colleague having a baby in late September.

Also, I am still drafting an article on the evidence for developmental interventions for children on the autism spectrum…..which involves a ton of finding new articles, reading them, evaluating their research and deciding to include them or not. I can spend hours reading articles only to decide they do not meet the criteria for evidence-based research. When I get on a roll,  I can spend many hours a week doing this. (I am not a fast or facile writer)


But in its own way this is a different type of crafting….reading, analyzing, (the cutting), taking notes (piecing), and inserting or not inserting these notes into the article (machine or hand-quilting). And I like doing this also….


Also,  I am training to ride a one-day 50 mile course for the annual Pan-Mass Challenge in August, a fundraiser for cancer treatment and research. Anyone can ride a bike 10 miles; once you get to 30, you have to specifically train for those longer distances. And I am training alone….the first 10 miles are all about battling my own mental state…the “I can’t do this, this is boring, I want to and need to stop right now, I am going to quit”. After the first 10 miles, I realize I can do, am doing it, and will continue to ride.



Finally, I started doing an easy project for my daughter….alphabet pillows to give to her friends as wedding gifts. My daughter works in a poorly paying job that she loves (in an animal shelter) and she’s had to fly back and forth from Denver to Boston for about four of these weddings in a year, and has little or no money left for gifts, so  I volunteered to make these. I like piecing these together; it is very satisfying to do. Perhaps now with school out for two weeks I can have more time to do these three things: bike, sew, and write.






But it is hot, and it is summer, when I fall into ‘relaxed mode’ for much of the day, reducing my exertions and the pace at which I run/walk/think/do. It just seems right to go a little more slowly in the summer. 


Patience, I tell myself….patience.  Go with the flow and worry less about ‘doing’ things…..perhaps I should put away all sewing until this draft of the article is done?  I don’t want to do that. I want to have it all!






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