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21 More Cards to the Gallery

Yesterday, Saturday, I was in an unusual for me “I want to be alone” mood. So, I painted on fabric and card stock, (while catching up on Grey’s Anatomy” and “Glee” online), and spent several hours making more cards to take to the gallery today. I didn’t want to make a list, wash a floor, read a book, or go out for a bike ride. So, I decided to go with the introvert-mood and work in my little studio area. It was quite refreshing to do this, since so much of my life is surrounded by and interacting with people (including 20 children with autism). All in all, I accomplished quite a bit and I brought 21 new cards to add to my collections at the Gallery. (I think I made about 5 yesterday; each one takes me about an hour). The Gallery is Stebbins Gallery at the First Parish Unitarian Church in Harvard Square. You can see it here:

Today is also May Fair in Harvard Square, with the usual assortment of vendors, both food and crafts, as well as music. There was this guy, who had a surprisingly decent voice despite his unique clothing choices ….(we heard him singing “Running On Empty” by Jackson Brown),Harvard Square, May 6

And then we saw this band, named “Jeff Conley” who were surprisingly original and good as well:

So, we wandered around before it was time to Gallery-sit, and here I am.

With my 21 new cards all priced and ready to be sold.

One major project accomplished. Now to make a list of other projects to begin.

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