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Cards, Cards and More Cards

Our Gallery is participating in Cambridge Open Studios the weekend of May 19 and 20th. We will also be open for Mayfair in Harvard Square on May 12. So, I’ve got to get into production mode and make as many cards and framed art as I can.

When I was a little girl, I loved making construction-paper “mosaics”. I don’t remember how I knew to call them that. I’d cut out a small square of black construction paper, then cut out even tinier pieces of colored construction paper and glue them on. I distinctly remember my mother commenting about how I could work with such small pieces of paper. All I remember is that I loved doing it.

And still now, although I love constructing baby quilts, large quilts, bags, and framed pieces, I love the satisfaction of working on a small-scale with these cards. I  paint or print on the frames, then match the fabrics, paper, ribbon, and/or beads to the frame’s color. I know to be more efficient I should make a bunch of cards with the same or similar color scheme, but I get bored with that….so I might make two of pink and red, then two of orange and yellow….

And as I like to say, there are never two of the same design.

I will not post these on my Etsy shop until after the Open Studios, assuming there are still cards unsold.  In fact, my Etsy shop is in hiatus; I’ve removed a ton of cards and am thinking about revising the site totally.

I am also interested in buy new sizes of cards; smaller, and using tinier amounts of fabric. More on that another time. Back to my sewing machine for the time being! A lovely Sunday afternoon!

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