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These Colors Make Me Happy

I am working on two colorful baby quilts for babies being born this summer. I do not know the gender of the children. In one case, the parents also do not; in the second family, they are choosing not to tell.  The first baby is going to be the child of one of my high school best friends ‘daughter, now 30 years old, and her husband. The second is the child of my niece and her partner in NYC.  So I am loving the colors I chose, the way they melt together, and the way they grace each other as they sit on the end of my bed….as I basted them together yesterday, I felt calm, peaceful, happy…. I loved the process of ironing and pinning them together. I get  a little nervous that in hand-quilting these I might ruin them….but I love taking that chance…so I am going to take my time in finishing them in the next few weeks.



They are based on an Amish-Style pattern I downloaded from the Internet. One is a blue-yellow-red-coral theme,  and the other is a vivid green-yellow-orange theme. The tops are cotton fabric, and the backing is flannel.

They are 46 ” x 38″….a perfect baby quilt size. I just love the look, the feel, the colors, and,  I hope, the joy they will share with their new families!


PS: Don’t tell; these are going to be a surprise for their new owners!

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One thought on “These Colors Make Me Happy

  1. shirley on said:

    They’re beautiful…what wonderful gifts infused with spirit and connection!

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