Sewing My Life Together

I Spent All of Today Doing This….

I spent all of today doing this (except when I was managing my sore throat and chills) ….

Instead of doing that…..

I like the challenge of doing research and writing; however, I miss the silence of sewing, the feel of fabric, the sweetness of stitching….

Sometimes I think I am just a dilettante, just doing a little in a desultory way….I also like engaging my mind as well as my hands…..but then again, if I don’t know yet, isn’t there a chance one or more of my interests will work out in my favor?

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2 thoughts on “I Spent All of Today Doing This….

  1. shirley on said:

    Hmm…I think that sometimes, as our skill increases…or our talent unearths a new level of flow, we become increasingly engaged “mindwise” in our handwork.

    I think your case is more that you have a true passion which you have been cultivating for decades…and another passion (the crafting/sewing), which, for whatever reasons has presented itself to you in “pulses”.

    It’s hard to turn your back on a passion which also brings you income. I wonder if as your life continues towards a time where, hopefully, the need for active income earning decreases, you will have more time and space to see whether these “pulses” can be drawn out more fruitfully. I don’t think you are a dilettante!

    • Hi Shirl,

      You are right, I think, except that writing an article is NOT income-generating. There`s no money to be made. It is just time-sucking for another passion of mine…treating kids on the spectrum as human learners…if I were still at Lesley, this article would be career-enhancing, but as a public school employee, it`s inconsequential….(-:

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