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Finally, A Few Hours At My Machine

Despite the fact that today is Easter, I found a few hours to sit at my machine. This summer I need at least three baby quilts, two of which have to be non-gender specific (parents are not telling what the gender is). So, a few weeks ago I googled “Baby Quilts” online,  and found a rectangular quilt based on an Amish design.

But I wanted it to be cute, so I bought colorful fabric, and today I pieced it together. 

A messy photo but you can see the pretty colors.

I have not decided on a backing yet; I think I want flannel, but the quilt shop did not have a flannel to match, so I will have to go to another store.

This was a soothing project; I kept my seams even, carefully cut the pieces, and it all came together pretty easily. I might hand-quilt this….that would be a first for me!

Might wonder why a self-confessed sew-friendly person finds so little time to sew. Well,  I am employed full-time as a autism specialist, and still working to obtain my certification in a play-based, developmental intervention called DIR/Floortime. Last week I spent working with friends to plan a surprise 60th birthday party for another friend, buying gifts for her and stuff for Easter baskets. I also try to get to the gym several times a week, and I am working with two colleagues to write an article on the research evidence for DIR/Floortime. (This is an emerging methodology that I love doing, and I want to publish the research evidence supporting it).  And just as I am a slow seamstress or quilter or sewist (a new term I have recently learned), I  am also a slow writer. I like having several projects going at a time, although writing this article and trying to keep up my sewing is a challenge.

In talking to a gallery manager at the gallery where my cards are being shown on Saturday, I do not identify myself as an artist (even though he did).  In fact, I shy away from identifying myself as such. I do make interesting cards, however! In my sewing life, I am still learning and practicing. I like making patterns among fabrics,  trying them out, experimenting with fabrics….I don’t know what actually makes an artist an artist, but so far I am a quilter, a ‘sewist’, trying out new patterns and ideas…maybe in a few years I will have it figured it out! It seems as if at this time of my life I am learning new things rather than just keeping on with the things I had been doing in my previous years. I have a new career, new interests, and am on a steep learning curve. And I like all that!




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One thought on “Finally, A Few Hours At My Machine

  1. shirley on said:

    I really like this quilt. It’s an interesting combo of color block/modern art and “Holly Hobbie”/old fashioned…though maybe the floral isn’t as old fashioned as I thought it was upon a closer second look. Either way, it’s lovely!

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