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Update on the bears and daughters

Well, Daughter Number 2 has decided to help me with these bears. No, she doesn’t sew….not really. But here she is helping me cut these out: 

She also sewed the eyes on the first one:

It’s been fun doing this with her. She and I hand-sewed pillow cases with her best friend when they were about 11, ten years ago….and that was the last time she showed interest. Now she is 21, taking a break from college, at home and working, and we actually have more time when we are in the house together than we have had in a long time.  It’s not a lot,  but a few minutes here and there is fine.  And I like this a lot, sharing this hobby with her. Will she get hooked? impossible to tell, but these few gestures give me hope.

And so I have one more almost done:

Still needs to be stuffed a little more and the eyes sewn on.

Once I finish stuffing it and sewing the ‘stuffing holes’ closed, Daughter Number 2 will sew on the eyes.


(NOTE TO READERS: This is the link for the pattern; I find the pattern very confusing and have made mistakes several times:

Let me know what you think!)

Then she had the idea that she and I could make pillow cases like we did 10 years ago. We also went to the fabric store on Sunday to  buy more flannel to make pillow cases again. She LOVED being in the store (and it certainly helped that one salesperson was a burly, muscled young man with tattoos all  on his arms….and he was helping another customer who wanted advice about decorating!) This guy kind of blew her mind; he certainly erased all stereotypes of who is interested in fabric and sewing! He looked like he puts his helmet on after a day working at the fabric store and hops on his Harley to get home.

She wants to make two matching pillow cases for herself, and she chose this Green herringbone flannel fabric:

And she wants to make a pillow case for her boyfriend’s niece, so she chose this fabric (I couldn’t get a good picture: it’s a pale purple with white polka dots….very cute for a little girl). And we bought felt letters to put the niece’s initial on it, “L”.

Pale purple with white polka dots...perfect for a little girl! Sorry the photo is so washed out.

So we have a few projects ahead of us.  But,  I don’t expect them to move very fast. Unlike me, who is a very ‘get it done’ kind of person, she is more laid-back and relaxed. So we will work on these when she is home and interested, and take it from there. It’s been fun, though!

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2 thoughts on “Update on the bears and daughters

  1. shirley on said:

    Sweet 🙂 Love the description of the person working at the fabric store! My number 2 and I went to the quilt and sewing supply store in town today. He is going to sew his first plush (Minecraft themed of course 🙂

    • Cute. I never had time to sew, really, when my kids were growing up, but when Mic and her friend wanted to make pillowcases, I jumped! And I am jumping again now! Mic is really a motorcyclist wannabe herself; that young man really turned her head!

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