Sewing My Life Together

Well, I haven’t sewn in a couple of days but this is a previous project….

I’ve been working on some household/schooly things (like reporting fraud on my credit card and taping my receipts together for my instructional materials purchased in 2011) so I haven’t made it to my sewing machine. Tonight involves some tedious revising of an article I am co-writing on DIR/Floortime, so I do not think there will be any new projects this week.

I found this pattern online and since I had some extra linen, I thought I’d try it. Here’s a photo of the bag on the tutorial:


I thought it was kind of cute and quick. So, I took some linen that I had lying around and printed on it with paint and stamps….and put it together.

Here’s mine:


Red/blue paint stamped

Clearly my photo is not as nice as the original one, but here are a couple of thoughts I had.

I measured carefully but mine seems to be so much larger than the pattern. It’s 19 inches across…which is huge. There is no lining or facing, so it sags quite a bit. I sewed some accents with red thread (zig-zags) and I really do not like the black elastic loop….but I also thought white looked worse. I could have used ribbon, and  I might try that for the next one I make.

I have been loving experimenting with painting on fabric, thaks to Linda Branch Dunn (, who is a wonderful artist and teacher.  But I have yet to actually figure out how to use my painted fabric constructively…or artistically.  I have used this bag a couple of times and because it’s not structured I don’t like it too much. I also made the strap to the pattern’s standards but find that it is way too long for me (I am short). So next time I will:

1. Experiment with different color paints

2. Shorten the strap

3. Make the bag only 14″ wide, not 19″.

4. Use a different closure.

Any thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Well, I haven’t sewn in a couple of days but this is a previous project….

  1. I think it’s cool you are exploring painting/printing on fabric. Live and learn is the way to go 🙂

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