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Mistakes I’ve Made Due to My Being Bad at Geometry

I am making these little teddy bears for my grand-nieces. they are from a pattern I downloaded from the Internet. (Instant gratification: I googled “Hand sewn teddy bears” and found this for free…in the old days, I would have had to take a bus or a train, go to a sewing store, pore through patterns, buy one, get back home and then cut it out!).  I had purchased some flannel a few weeks before  so it was already washed and dried.

So here is a photo of the pattern. Here is a photo of the first one I made. (We haven’t put the eyes and nose on yet) Can you detect the mistake? I made this mistake because I cannot, cannot, visualize what my item is supposed to look like when it is done.  And so I put it together without being able to visualize the final product. (I have finished sewing the second one  and had to do it over several times before I got it right). And I am very slow at sewing. I interrupt myself all the time…to check email, Facebook, phones, use the bathroom, read a chapter, or make tea.

So, here is my question: Do I actually give this as a gift, assuming the 5-year-old won’t notice the mistake, or do it completely over?

What I like about sewing is the problem-solving nature of it; this seam doesn’t look right, how can I fix it? This snout doesn’t fit right; what do I do? This is what keeps me going and also slows me down.

So clearly this blog is not about showing all the beautiful and creative things I make every day; it is about the process and all the seams I have to rip out!

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5 thoughts on “Mistakes I’ve Made Due to My Being Bad at Geometry

  1. I personally hate to rip out, but have found that I have more patience for it the older I get. However, why not just rename your creation and write a little story about it? It doesn’t have to be a honey bear, does it? I also imagine the texture is what will win your niece over…the nice soft flannel of the animal. The nice bit about a lot of sewing projects, for example: quilting. No matter what it looks like, the quilt still keeps someone warm. No matter what your bear looks like, it can still be soft and comforting.

    I could so relate to this post. I didn’t have time to sew when C. was young, but now I can’t stop again…like when I was a teenager. Although, I’m still not as cool as you! Rock those concerts!

    • Hi Janet,

      We have tickets to the Dropkick Murphys on St. Patrick’s Day…and it is general admission! Going to be a LOUD night! And then I got three tickets to see Springsteen on March 26…Neal, me and EC!

      What gets me frustrated is when I make mistakes, which I do a lot…With this little guy, I put his feet on backward. They are supposed to point down, but instead they are sticking straight up. And that was because when I sewed the pieces together, I could not visualize how to place them so they pointed down…and it wasn’t until I had the whole thing sewn together and stuffed that I noticed them. Darn! And I started the second one, finally figured out how to place them, and then I forgot how to put the head on….and I ripped out so many times ow it is all fraying…so I am going to cut the pattern out all over again…

      This stuff doesn’t come naturally to me! But I persist!

  2. Apparently, the inability to visualize runs in the family. I am married to such an equally challenged member of the clan. Fortunately, neither of the sons inherited it. Guess it is hard to appreciate the absence of something one possesses. How does the saying go, Those that can do. Those that can’t teach! Just kidding of course. Sewing was never something I liked, but I do appreciate the product so keep trying Susan.

    • This is why I was terrible in geometry. Could never visualize what it was supposed to look like. In the photo I posted, I realized I put his feel on upside down…the toes are supposed to point down the floor. Instead, his are sticking straight up at the ceiling! So do I give this to her or not?

      My geometry teacher was really upset with me….I think he thought I was holding out on him. I was good at Latin, and he said Latin was all logic and that geometry was also….but geometry was also visual/spatial and I am not!

      I do like sewing…don’t know really why, but I do. I like the feeling of fabric and of making things. Maybe some day I’ll master this stuff!

  3. Interesting, geometry was the only math related subject at which I excelled. Hmmm. I’m going to think about this.

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