Sewing My Life Together

Hello world!

Handmade card


Hello all!

Years ago, when I was young and living at home, my mom taught me to sew. This was so that I could make my own clothes and party dresses. As the years passed, I sewed less and less, but my love for fabric and things handmade never dimmed. In 1977, I made bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding, and that was about it. I went to graduate school, obtained  a doctorate, became a professor of special education and autism, then went out on disability for a while, all the while raising two daughters. During the time, I volunteered with kids on the autism spectrum, bought a new sewing machine, started taking quilting courses, and I was once again hooked. Now I work a school day as a Floortime therapist for children with autism and as a private consultant. My two daughters are grown and I find myself with-gasp!- free time!  And there is never enough of it (free time). I ignore the dishes, the laundry, and as many other chores as I can to sit and sew.

In this blog I will explore the boundaries between art, craft, and quilting. Some projects I choose to do to perfect my craft: seams, corners, buttons, triangles and Flying Geese. Some I chose to do as a way of ‘creating’ a piece of art or a unique craft. Am I an artist or a crafter? I don’t know yet for sure, but I am loving the process of finding out. I love reading other crafters/quilters/artists blogs and hope to share my journey with the world out there.

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